Avalon Standard Poodles


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GCh. Wildrose Bar-None Most Wanted

We have a black male  standard poodle puppy ready for adoption. They were born in January.  The puppies are sired by Grand Champion Wildrose Bar-We have a new litter of black puppies expected April 24th out of Reilly  and Avalon's Crowne Jewel.
A May littter is expected out of Ch. Avalon's Artful Dodger and Ch. Avalon's Crystal Blue.  These puppies could be blue, silver, black or white.  
We are experienced in matching dogs with people. We are proud of our show dogs and beloved companions. If you need a performance dog for obedience, rally or agility, we will find one for you.  Our dogs have also been used as service dogs as a Leader dog for the blind, and as companions for autistic children and adults. 

The parents are OFA certified for normal hips. We have also done routine screening for eye issues, VonWillebrand's Disease and Sebaceous Adenitis.  We offer a 5 year health guarantee.  Please call 608-482-0156 or email to redrock@mhtc.net for details. 

 It is our goal to place our dogs in loving family homes.  Therefore all of our dogs are sold on a spay/neuter contract with limited registration.  We will not sell to those who breed mix breeds and believe that  breeding labradoodles and goldendoodles is morally and ethically wrong. I believe that it is  morally wrong because the breeders misrepresent the animal that they are selling, and ethically wrong as there is little in the way of genetic testing or rescue.  Doodle parents are usually the worst representatives of their respective breeds.   The breeders of Doodles are largely puppy mills and the parents live in horrible conditions, ungroomed and without real socialization.  This is particularly a burden on rescue groups when the breeding dogs are dropped off, when the "breeders" close down or the dogs are no longer productive.  Doodles are misrepresented as nonshedding and healthier that the originals.  The temperament of these dogs is nothing like the poodles that I love and treasure.  Doodles continue to fill animal shelters for good reason.


Remember that adopting a dog should be a lifetime commitment!